Achieving DREAMS: Bantwana’s documentation series

DREAMS and DREAMS Innovation Challenge changed the life course of many thousands of girls. We are proud to have been a part of these journeys and are pleased to share a handful of memorable success stories. We hope you will enjoy!

Mothers of a community in Zimbabwe hold up their homemade detergent that they sell.

The Second Chance for a Young Mother – Stories from DREAMS in Zimbabwe

Yolanda Mudzodzo is a 21-year-old mother of one. She was born and raised in Madombwe village in Mazowe district of Zimbabwe. She grew up in a stable and happy home, but sadly both her parents passed away in 2014 leaving her under the guardianship of her grandmother.


Rose, 17, is supported by DREAMS through the Education Subsidy to attend Secondary School at a girls school in Lira. Photo by Esther MbabaziRekindling Rose’s Dream – Stories from DREAMS in Uganda

When Rose, 17, and her seven siblings lost their father to HIV/AIDS, their mother struggled to provide food for her family and send her kids to school. One by one, Rose’s siblings were forced to drop out of school.


Jackie, 20, was assigned to an artisan welder from whom she has been learning. She chose to learn welding because it is a less saturated venture than tailoring - which most girls learn and she believes there is more money to earn from welding. Photo by Esther Mbabazi.

Taking Failure off the Table – Stories from DREAMS in Uganda

Growing up, Jackie, 20, always dreamed of becoming a school teacher. However, her ambitions were crushed when her parents died due to HIV/AIDS.



A student supported by the Bantwana Initiative through the DREAMS Innovation Challenge project

Mission Possible – Stories from DREAMS in Eswatini

When Noncedo was impregnated and abandoned by her boyfriend at 18, her family and the government stopped supporting her. She had nowhere to stay and had to take responsibility of her baby alone.


Beautician sisters from DREAMS

Vocational Skills helped them Succeed – Stories from DREAMS in Tanzania

Leah, 19, and Irene, 22, were forced to drop out of secondary school because of unexpected pregnancy.Their parents felt ashamed of them and the girls were exposed to the realities of being abandoned at the young age.