Psychosocial Counseling and Home Visit Guide for Volunteers

Psychosocial Counseling and Home Visit Guide for Volunteers – PSS Cards

Psychosocial Counseling and Home Visit Guide for VolunteersPsychosocial support (PSS) is a set of interventions used to meet a person’s emotional, social, mental, and spiritual needs. PSS is very important for the healthy development of all children and critical for orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC). As part of a comprehensive care approach, PSS provides vulnerable children with the necessary tools for good health and positive development.

Bantwana trains stakeholders to understand the psychological and social factors that affect a child’s psychosocial well-being, the importance of fostering children’s resilience, and tools to express and overcome grief and adversity. Bantwana’s PSS interventions use a dynamic, participatory approach that helps community partners build competencies in identifying, addressing, and managing the emotional needs of vulnerable children.

The Western Uganda Bantwana Program (WUBP) has developed, produced, and implemented a series of informational cards that support PSS volunteers when conducting PSS activities by making information more easily accessible. The card pack builds on the capacity of volunteers and enables them to educate OVC and their caregivers about nutrition, hygiene, stress management, and child protection. (2010)

Download a copy of this tool through the World Education website.