Our Model

Bantwana’s Model of Comprehensive Care

Bantwana’s evidence-based model of comprehensive care ensures that children and their caregivers have access to the full range of support they need to grow and improve their overall wellbeing.Comprehensive Care Model

  • Education: Keeping children in school—with a specific focus on girls.
  • Health (including HIV prevention): Ensuring access to primary health care and access to HIV prevention, care, and support, if needed.
  • Livelihoods and Economic Security: Helping adolescents and caregivers develop basic skills that they can translate into income-generating activities for their households.
  • Child Protection: Helping keep children safe from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.
  • Psychosocial Support: Helping children and caregivers cope with anxiety, anger, depression, and despair related to loss.
  • Nutrition: Ensuring children have an adequate, nutritional diet.
  • Legal Rights: Ensuring children understand and are able to act on legal rights to inheritance, land, and financial support from the government.

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