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DREAMS Innovation Challenge

The Bantwana Initiative DREAMS Innovation Challenge program addresses the link between teen pregnancy/motherhood and school drop-out as a key factor limiting education completion rates for adolescent girls in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Swaziland. It focuses particularly on the highly vulnerable and under-served sub-population of adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) who are pregnant and have dropped out of school, young mothers who recently dropped out of school, and school-going adolescent girls with the greatest risk of becoming pregnant and dropping out.

Bantwana is implementing a holistic package of individual, school, and community-based interventions that work to both prevent school dropout among adolescent girls and provide educational support in response to girls who have dropped out of school due to pregnancy and have limited options to complete their education.


To prevent school drop-out, Bantwana will implement an In-School Prevention Platform, reaching girls through youth clubs and training teachers in GBV prevention and response, as well as an early warning system to identify and target girls at risk of dropping out, while supporting complementary community dialogues to address harmful cultural norms.


To respond to the needs of pregnant adolescent girls and young mothers who have already dropped out of school, Bantwana will implement a comprehensive Out-Of-School Study Group Model, which will provide alternative education, wrap around services, early childhood stimulation, and mentoring support. Over the life of the program, Bantwana will reach over 4,400 AGYW ages 15-20 in Swaziland, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.

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