HIV Prevention Education in Secondary Schools

HIV Prevention Education in Secondary Schools

HammondBantwanaSwaziland21Bantwana is supporting the launch of a national HIV prevention curriculum with the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET), UNICEF, and UNESCO. This curriculum marks the first government-supported national effort to provide HIV prevention information to secondary school students.

The HIV prevention curriculum is part of a broader Guidance and Counseling Program being piloted in 24 Swazi secondary schools. The program helps adolescents acquire important life skills, including information about HIV infection and practical strategies about how to prevent transmission.

With funding from UNICEF and the Open Society Institute for Southern Africa, Bantwana is:

  • Supporting Swaziland’s National Curriculum Center (NCC) to develop age-appropriate, learner-centered teaching materials about HIV prevention for the Guidance and Counseling Program.
  • Equipping MoET staff with skills to conduct teacher training using proven methodologies that improve teaching by engaging students in learning and enable teachers to use creative and effective exercises and teaching activities to effectively deliver the material in their classrooms.
  • Supporting the MoET to develop and utilize monitoring and evaluation tools to measure the pilot program’s efficacy.
  • Engaging parents and community leaders to support the program through  community sensitization activities that promote HIV prevention.

International AIDS Conference 2016 Poster

School-based HIV prevention education for the world’s highest HIV prevalence population