Bantwana Schools Integrated Program (BSIP)

Vana Bantwana

Bantwana Schools Integrated Program (BSIP)

BSIP helps orphans and vulnerable children stay in school by implementing four program components:

Sihilengeni Primary School (2)

1. Working with schools to waive OVC’s school fees in exchange for grants that cover needed school materials

2. Supporting School Development Associations to develop and manage income generating projects that raise revenue to pay for costs that schools incur from supporting OVC

3. Conducting School Health Assessments (SHAs) and referrals for children who need additional care

4. Conducting CD Listening programs in the classroom that use weekly dramas to enable children to raise and discuss child rights and protection issues. Psychosocial support (PSS) facilitators are selected by the school administration and receive basic counseling training from Bantwana.  The PSS facilitators lead the discussions and refer children who need additional psychosocial support or other services to community organizations or case care workers

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