Youth Integrated Lifeskills and Livelihoods

Vana Bantwana

Youth Integrated Life Skills and Livelihoods

Vana Bantwana’s Youth and Livelihoods activities offer practical life skills training and entrepreneurship opportunities to vulnerable older youth. Vana Bantwana combines income-generating skills training with “business coaching” and mentorship from successful professionals. Youth can choose from activities that include budgeting and management, family financial management, and access to consumer credit.

Vana Bantwana also offers a Work Readiness program to prepare youth for employment by placing them in internships and apprenticeships. Students placed in local businesses learn computer training, work place skills, and basic financial management. Youth can also apprentice in Second Chance education centers, or receive paraprofessional training to become case care workers, early childhood development facilitators, or paralegals.

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