World AIDS Day 2016

Today and every day, WEI/Bantwana strives to improve the wellbeing of vulnerable children and their caregivers and families affected by HIV and AIDS and poverty.

We strive to help all vulnerable children—especially adolescent girls and young women—live HIV free.

Yearly, there are around 380,000 new HIV infections among young womeno-greater-action-is-neededn aged 15-24. These young women are often left without a voice or control of their own bodies. They are prevented from protecting themselves against HIV due to reasons such as gender-based violence, lack of access to health services, lack of access to education, and policies that do not translate into action.

We believe, however, that together we can end AIDS by 2030. In agreement with, it is going to take leadership, commitment, and impact to make it happen.

Join us in celebrating the progress we and our partners have made and in reaffirming our shared commitment to end AIDS by 2030. Below are links to our social media accounts, where we will be posting statistics and information about our efforts throughout the day, and additional information about our programming and success stories.

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Bantwana Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet bantwanaonepager_hivfocus-1

DREAMS Programming

DREAMS  – bantwanadreams_onepager_a4

Country Fact Sheets – Mozambique, Swaziland, Uganda, Zimbabwe

DREAMS Innovation

Success Stories

Pamoja Tuwalee (Tanzania) – Steven

DREAMS (Uganda) – Anna and Flavia

BETTER OUTCOMES (Uganda) – Jennifer, RoseVicki

International AIDS Conference 2016 Poster

School-based HIV prevention education for the world’s highest HIV prevalence population