Expanded Integrated Management of Pediatric HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment

Providing an integrated approach to pediatric ART service provision by increasing the demand for services at the community level and strengthening local health facilities on the supply side.






2014 - 2018

In 2015, 84% of pregnant women living with HIV in Zimbabwe received antiretroviral treatment to prevent mother to child transmission. However, only 54.9% of infants born to HIV-positive mothers received an HIV test within the first two months of life.[1] Virtually all new HIV infections among infants in Zimbabwe acquire HIV from their HIV-infected mothers during pregnancy, birth, or breastfeeding (mother-to-child transmission).

Since 2010, our IMPACT program has ensured that HIV-infected children in Zimbabwe receive treatment and follow-up care immediately after HIV testing. Under the Expanded IMPACT Program (E-IMPACT), even more, HIV-positive children are being reached with critical care. E-IMPACT trains community health workers (CHWs) to mobilize and educate communities about pediatric ART and how to access treatment. CHWs reach out to women of child-bearing age or who have recently given birth through prevention of mother to child transmission groups and counseling services at local community centers. Community health workers also link mothers to our Internal Savings and Lending groups, which layer healthy parenting education with financial literacy and savings skills to support their children. E-IMPACT tests and links HIV-positive children to ART across 21 districts in Zimbabwe, reaching over 100,000 children a year. We also support the Ministry of Health to provide lifelong antiretroviral treatment to HIV-positive mothers, regardless of their CD4 counts.