Our Impact

We reach over 600,000 children and their caregivers annually across seven countries in sub-Saharan Africa. We work with more than 90 local organizations, clinics, and local and national governments in Eswatini, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Portrait of a smiling school boy. Photo by Rob Hammond

Who We Are

We work to improve the lives of Children, Youth and Families that are impacted by HIV and poverty.

Our Approach

We work with governments and local organizations to provide the critical services that Children, Youth and Families need to grow and thrive.

Ana Patsogolo Activity (APA)

The Ana Patsogolo Activity (APA) prevents new HIV infections and reduces vulnerability among orphans and vulnerable children and adolescent girls and young women in partnership with the Government of Malawi and a consortium of Malawian NGOs.

Better Outcomes

Better Outcomes for Children and Youth in Eastern and Northern Uganda

Building Resilience and National Systems to prevent and Respond to Violence against children and HIV in Uganda.

Adolescent Girl with baby_Capacity Development project

Technical Assistance & Capacity Development – Mozambique

We are strengthening the capacity of local organizations to coordinate and provide services to reduce HIV among vulnerable children, youth and families in high burden areas in central Mozambique.

Celebrating Five Years of Advancing Girls Education in Tanzania

Our Bantwana Initiative’s Waache Wasome (“Let Them Learn”) project is celebrating five years of empowering adolescent girls and young women to envision and achieve educational and life goals. On December 7th, stakeholders gathered in Arusha, Tanzania, to recognize the project’s achievements, the legacy it will leave behind when it closes out in 2022, and the impact that will be sustained in years to come.

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Supporting HIV Treatment Outcomes for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Uganda

The Bantwana Initiative of World Education, in partnership with the prime contractor, Education Development Center (EDC), is the OVC technical lead under the USAID/Uganda Integrated Child and Youth Development (ICYD) Activity (2020 – 2025), which aims to address the health, safety, and education needs of Ugandan children and adolescents to enable them to reach their potential.

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Strengthening Zimbabwe’s Case Management System for Child Protection

Bantwana’s newest publication examines how aligning with government-identified priorities, planning for sustainability, and fostering trust-based partnerships have resulted in a lasting legacy of care and protection for thousands of vulnerable Zimbabwean children through a National Case Management System.

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