Increasing Civic Participation in Children’s Right to Education

Improving accountability and governance within Zimbabwe’s education system and ultimately to advance the quality of and access to education, while simultaneously fostering civic engagement among the nation’s burgeoning youth population.






2018 - 2019

Transitioning to a brighter future

The political transition in November 2017 has presented an opportunity for more concerted efforts to advance civic activism surrounding democratic transition and promotion of basic human rights across political, social and economic platforms, processes and sectors. The new political administration has introduced a Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) to address inefficiencies and widespread corruption tied to public sector service delivery through reduction of bureaucratic processes and creation of open, transparent, and accountable governance systems.

We are implementing a pilot project that advocates for constitutional order and respect for fundamental rights and freedoms amidst Zimbabwe’s political transition. To this end, the project will support social, economic and civic reforms aimed at promoting access to educational rights for children across Zimbabwe.

Our key activities will include:
  • Working with MoPSE and the Department of Social Welfare, to advocate for increased public sector resource allocation to education through the Treasury and ultimately address a large number of children that are out of school to re-enter the education system
  • Improving accountability and student engagement in school governance structures through the creation of open learning spaces that promote youth civic engagement
  • Developing an engagement strategy with the MoPSE to increase understanding by communities on the importance of education as a fundamental right for children Addressing under-resourcing of the education system through public sector funding.