Technical Assistance & Capacity Development – Mozambique

We are strengthening the capacity of local organizations to coordinate and provide services to reduce HIV among vulnerable children, youth and families in high burden areas in central Mozambique.







We are an international Technical Assistance (TA) partner supporting two local NGOs receiving direct USAID funding for the first time. Both five-year (2020-2025), USAID/PEPFAR-funded projects are scaling-up evidence-based and innovative strategies for HIV and gender-based violence (GBV) prevention and response services. Our aim is to strengthen the local organizations’ systems for effective management of USAID funds and to enable cost-effective service delivery.

Over the past five years (2015-2020) through the USAID Força à Comunidade e Crianças project, we partnered with local organizations, fostering their technical and financial capacity for high-quality, cost-effective service delivery. In line with USAID’s and PEPFAR’s localization goals, local partner organizations will now lead the new projects with capacity building from WEI/Bantwana as we assist them on their journey to self-reliance.

Our Management Capacity Development Approach

We put organizational leaders / decision-makers at the center of the development process. They are supported to take ownership and leadership for providing results-based, comprehensive services for OVC and AGYW. We prioritize four management capacity development domains to support the two lead organizations:

Partnerships InfographicsProgram Management
to ensure coordination & effective donor and client
communication & engagement

Knowledge Management
to ensure efficient and effective targeting, monitoring,
evaluating and data reporting

Results InfographicsFinance Management
to ensure accountability and reduced risk


Technical Leadership
to ensure quality and standards and technical leadership


WEI/Bantwana will provide intense upfront program, knowledge and finance management support for the first 18 months and continued technical leadership support and follow-up for up to 36 months.

Project Description

Local NGO, ComuSanas is managing the Mwanasana (Healthy Child) program across five districts in Sofala province, while ANDA, also a local Partner, is leading the Chenguetai Wana (Care for Children) program in seven districts in Manica province. Both projects use a targeted case management approach to identify vulnerable children and adolescents, link them to HIV testing and services along a continuum of care, and support their retention in treatment. The project teams also engage and mobilize communities and improve coordination among health and social protection systems, while building the capacity of additional local partners and community structures for sustainability. Aligned with the Government of Mozambique’s response to the HIV epidemic, both projects provide a comprehensive package of health, education, economic, and child protection interventions tailored to vulnerable families and at-risk groups.

Our Capacity-Building Activities & Expected Outcomes

  • Lead the systematic development of action plans to address priority organizational and technical capacity strengthening.
  • Provide customized capacity building across the first three years of each project (2020-2023) to ensure effective program implementation and management for two new direct recipients of USAID/PEPFAR funds.
  • Provide on-going and targeted technical assistance to each consortia, comprised of local NGOs, to enhance integrated health and social protection service delivery for vulnerable families, using evidence-based and innovative OVC, HIV prevention, and DREAMS models.
  • Monitor the local partners’ progress along a measurable and transparent capacity strengthening continuum.