Strengthening Zimbabwe’s Case Management System for Child Protection

Bantwana’s newest publication examines how aligning with government-identified priorities, planning for sustainability, and fostering trust-based partnerships have resulted in a lasting legacy of care and protection for thousands of vulnerable Zimbabwean children through a National Case Management System.

From 2012 to 2018—long predating the current reimagining of international development practices and technical assistance—Bantwana applied its core values of locally-led transformation to support Zimbabwe and multiple donors to collaborate on human-centered design, pilot for innovation, and scale up for efficacy. In operation for a decade now, Zimbabwe’s National Case Management System (NCMS) has successfully weathered multiple political and economic challenges. Its enduring effectiveness is an outcome of willingness to align to government-identified rather than donor or implementing partner priorities and to build on existing systems and strengths, rather than re-create or duplicate structures.

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