Building and Strengthening the National Case Management System

We are working in partnership with UNICEF and the Government of Mozambique to expand ongoing efforts to build and implement a national integrated case management system that provides and coordinates care and support to children and families.






2017 - 2019

We are working directly with district and provincial level governments in Mozambique to test out strategies that support a continuum of care and a holistic approach to the provision of critical child and social protection services. Our aim is to bolster a community-based case management system that integrates health and social protection services and strengthens district capacity and coordination, leading to a more efficient system that delivers services for children and protects them from harm, abuse, and exploitation.

Through this project we are:

  • Strengthening district-level capacity and improving the institutional framework, supervisory infrastructure, and management of data.
  • Working to improve referral pathways from the community to districts, especially for linkages that more effectively address statutory cases.
  • Building the capacity of Community Child Protection Committees (CCPCs) and community-level case care volunteers to identify, refer, and monitor vulnerable children, especially girls and their families, and to coordinate responses and bi-directional referrals to ensure children receive critical support and follow-up.