Empowering Young Women Entrepreneurs in Mozambique

In less than 18 months of implementation, Bantwana’s partnership with local NGOs to pilot our Siyakha Girls Economic Empowerment model has helped transform the life prospects of more than 200 young women in and around Chimoio, a remote town in western Mozambique.

Through a structured package of foundational life skills, vocational, and work-readiness training, otherwise vulnerable adolescent girls and young women — including several teen mothers — are discovering and developing skills, aspirations, and agency to improve their lives.

Rosinha (in pink shirt) and Ana Paula (in green) are a dynamic duo who are benefiting not just from Siyakha’s financial literacy and other skills inputs — but also from the essential bonds of friendship among peers that the program forges, and which help vulnerable girls support each other in expanding their aspirations and potential.

Read more about the “Siyakha Sisters” new business venture, which is helping them progress from destitution and domestic violence to confidence and capability.

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